Hi there! Are you getting married soon and need to start looking for your wedding suppliers? Perhaps you’ve heard of Wedding Planner and Wedding Designer, but these concepts are a little vague for you? Then you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, I’ll explain the difference between the professions of wedding planner and wedding designer, their roles, and why they’re so important to the organization of your wedding. After a few minutes’ reading, you’ll know everything there is to know about the wedding planner and wedding designer professions!

The role of a Wedding Planner

Wedding planner Paris, organisatrice de mariages

A wedding planner will help you plan, organize and orchestrate your wedding down to the last detail. 

If you hire a wedding planner right after the proposal, she’ll help you decide on your wedding venue (in your region, your country, or on another continent!), the format of your wedding (civil ceremony, religious, secular – one-day, two-day, three-day wedding…) and the choice of your suppliers. She’ll help you draw up and manage your budget, and make sure you stick to it by suggesting the right suppliers.

In the end, it’s quite simple: when you have a wedding planner, she takes care of everything, and you nothing! All you have to do is approve or reject her proposals. The organization of your wedding will remain a pleasant moment that you’ll share with your other half; your wedding planner will take on the burden of quotes, negotiations, schedules… 

Organizing a wedding involves around 300 hours of work! It’s best to keep these precious hours for your activities, your loved ones, and to enjoy this time with your other half as an engaged couple. 

Finally, after having accompanied you for several months in the organization of your wedding, your wedding planner will also be present on your wedding day. She’ll make sure the day runs smoothly, according to the schedule she’s drawn up, she’ll welcome and pamper your suppliers and guests, and she’ll deal with the unexpected before you know it… like a little fairy who’ll make your wedding day unforgettable!

The role of a Wedding Designer

Décoratrice de mariage à Paris, en IDF ou à l'étranger

A wedding designer will take care of all the decoration for your wedding. When we say decoration, we mean flowers, candles, garlands, stationery, guest gifts, signage, and so on…

The decoration of your wedding is a crucial step in its organization, because it will reflect your personalities and give the atmosphere you want (warm, dancing, romantic, vintage… the possibilities are endless).

When we think of wedding decorations, we usually think of flowers, but that’s not all. Of course, a florist will take care of all the floral decoration (your bouquet, the centerpieces, the bench ends…) but all the rest of the decoration will have to be handled by someone else; that’s where your wedding designer comes in. She will work hand in hand with your florist to ensure that your wedding decor is harmonious and reflects your image. 

A wedding designer will take care of your decorating budget, which she will respect by suggesting decorating ideas for each area of your wedding venue. She’ll then take care of all decor sourcing (purchases, rentals, fabrications…) and installation on the big day. She’ll even come back the next day to uninstall everything for you! Again, here you’ll have nothing to do but validate her proposals, send in your Pinterest or Instagram inspirations… and wait for the wedding day to see what you’d imagined come to life!

What if we combined the two?

The professions of wedding planner and wedding designer are very different, but complementary and equally important.

Your wedding planner will organize your wedding, and your wedding designer will decorate it.

What if there was a perfect world in which your wedding planner was ALSO your wedding designer? Let me tell you: it does exist! Many wedding planners also offer to manage the decoration side of things. This is the case with Bold as Love. 

This way, you’ll have a single point of contact throughout your wedding preparations. Your wedding planner will already know you personally, so she’ll be able to suggest a decor that suits you 100%.

Voilà! Now you know the difference between wedding planner and wedding designer. I think you also understand the importance of these two professions. And of course, if you need any further advice or assistance in organizing your wedding, call me!

See you soon!
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