Hello ! You’re getting married soon and don’t really know where to start, or what you need to do to organize your wedding day? Here I give you my 3 top wedding planner tips to follow for a successful wedding organization and so that you can enjoy your wedding day to the full.

Intimate wedding in Normandy

1 - Set a target budget

Before you even start looking for your reception venue and suppliers (I know you really want to!), start by establishing a target budget for your wedding. It’s not the most pleasant task, but it’s crucial because it will help you find the right suppliers without getting carried away, and avoid unpleasant surprises when you do the accounts after you’ve said “I do”. 

Thanks to your budget, you’ll know which vendors you can afford: you could very well find a vendor at €2,000 or another at €8,000, for the same service… so it’s important to keep your budget in mind when you’re looking for them.

Determining a budget can be a difficult task. How do you know how much to allocate to which expense line? What is the average cost of a photographer, a DJ, flowers…? 

If this exercise seems complicated, don’t hesitate to call on a wedding planner who can help you organize your wedding, or who can coach you by giving you precious advice.

2 - Select your service providers according to your feeling

In your search for service providers, you’ll probably meet several for the same service (I recommend it!), so you can compare what they have to offer and how they work. 

But what if all the vendors seem good to me and all cost the same? How do I choose? 

In that case, I’d advise you to choose your vendor according to your feeling. These suppliers will be present throughout the day and will therefore be an integral part of your wedding: it’s important that you get on well together!

In my opinion, it’s better to choose a supplier with whom you’ve got on well, rather than one with a good reputation, or the cheapest of them all. Choose the one you’ll be happy to see again on the big day, and the one you feel best understands your expectations and wishes for your wedding.

3 - On wedding day, delegate as much as you can!

After months of planning your wedding, it’s important to delegate on the big day! Indeed, if you haven’t been accompanied by a wedding planner and you’ve drawn up your wedding schedule yourself, you absolutely must delegate the rest of the work to your close friends and family. On the big day, you won’t be able to welcome your suppliers, direct them, coordinate them, answer their questions… you’ll be far too busy getting married!

On your wedding day, you’ll have to leave your wedding planner’s hat to someone else, and put on your bride’s or groom’s, so you can enjoy your day to the full!

And if you don’t feel like entrusting this stressful part of the job to someone close to you (who, let’s face it, won’t get the most out of the day), call on a wedding professional to coordinate the day and your suppliers. You’ll have the comfort of a perfectly managed wedding from start to finish.

Elopement in Normandy, France

 That’s it! With these tips, you can start planning your wedding with peace of mind. And of course, if you need any further advice or assistance in planning your wedding, call me!

See you soon!
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