The vendors you need for your wedding

Hello! Are you getting married soon? Congratulations!

I guess you need to start asking around and contacting wedding suppliers… My first piece of advice: start by booking your wedding venue and therefore your date. From there, you can book the other suppliers.

For your wedding to be a success, it’s essential to work with a number of specialist suppliers to ensure that everything runs smoothly. In this article, we’ll take a look at the essential vendors you need for your big day.

1. Wedding planner

Of course, I start with the wedding planner, who will be your ally throughout the planning process. She’ll help you coordinate all the details, from invitations to decorations, venue selection and vendors. Hiring a professional wedding planner will allow you to enjoy your wedding to the full without worrying about the logistics.

2. Photographer and videographer

To capture the precious moments of your wedding, it’s essential to have a professional photographer and videographer… That’s right! Both, because they complement each other. They’ll immortalize the emotions, smiles and highlights of your special day. Don’t hesitate to consult their portfolios to make sure their style matches your expectations, and ask your wedding planner for advice.

3. Caterer

The caterer will be responsible for creating a delicious meal for you and your guests. My wedding planner tip: don’t cut corners on this, as it’s very important! Choose a reputable caterer who offers a variety of dishes to suit your culinary preferences. Make sure you also discuss any dietary restrictions your guests may have, so that everyone can enjoy the meal. If you have a wedding planner, she’ll take care of communicating all this information to your caterer, in addition to the seating plan and schedule… A great way to give yourself a break.

4. Florist

Flowers play an important role in your wedding decor. Hire a florist whose style you like, and who will be able to create beautiful floral arrangements in harmony with the rest of your decor (your wedding planner will be able to give her the right indications, don’t worry). She’ll be able to design your bridal bouquet, table decorations and floral arrangements to match your theme and favorite colors.

5. DJ or band

A professional DJ or live band is essential for your reception. Choose an artist who will create the atmosphere you desire, offering a variety of music to suit all tastes. Don’t forget to discuss your favorite songs and key moments of the evening, such as the first dance. Your wedding planner will be able to tell him or her the songs you’ve chosen and the schedule, so he or she will be ready to go when the time comes!

And there you have it! Hiring the right providers for your wedding is essential to creating a memorable, stress-free day. By working with experienced professionals, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy every moment of your wedding. Don’t forget to book these vendors as soon as possible to ensure their availability on the big day. And to make sure you’re on the right track, get a wedding planner to take care of everything for you, and give you valuable advice for a smooth wedding!

Don’t hesitate to call me or contact me if you’d like some advice or support in your search for vendors!

See you soon!
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