4 tips for choosing your wedding dress

Hello there! Are you getting married soon? Congratulations!

I imagine you must be starting to gather information and reflect on your wedding dress… As a Wedding Planner in France and abroad, I have seen many wedding dresses and I have exchanged with many dress designers. So, I give you here four valuable tips to help you choose your wedding dress correctly.

1. Make your wedding dress match your personal style

First and foremost, know that your wedding dress should reflect your personality and style.

Don’t choose it just because it’s fashionable, but because it represents and resembles you. You should not feel disguised in your dress (even if, we agree, we never wear a wedding dress in everyday life… but you get the idea :)). This dress must be able to follow you all day, right to the dance floor; You should feel comfortable in it.

2. Consider the location and season

The location and season of your wedding can greatly influence the style of your dress. You will undoubtedly have chosen your wedding date and location based on your personality and what you and your other half like (are you team winter or summer?)… luckily, your dress can therefore match the style you have chosen for your wedding and your personality (see point number 1!).

A light and flowing wedding dress can be perfect for an outdoor summer wedding, while a more structured and warm dress may be more suitable for a winter wedding. And if you like thick and imposing dresses but still want to get married in the summer, opt for light and flowing materials, so you don’t die of heat during your wedding day!

3. Try several dress styles

I know, we often believe we know in advance what type of dress will suit us best on our wedding day… the best way to know is to try several wedding dresses, of different shapes and styles! This will really allow you to see what suits you best and what you like. Your choice will thus be even easier!

4. Remember, there are no rules!

As I (very) often repeat, this is your wedding, so there are no rules, you do what you want! Just because the fashion is for a long train doesn’t mean you absolutely have to have one. Nor does it mean you have to have a veil just because all your cousins had one. Your wedding dress is an element of your wedding that you will long remember… So whether it’s fluid or structured, long or short, with a veil or without a veil… the important thing is to do what you like!

And there you have it! You now know what to do to choose your wedding dress. Remember that it’s important to enjoy this moment, and that you should choose a dress that suits you, in which you will feel good and be able to dance until the end of the night!

Don’t hesitate to call me or contact me if you would like to be advised or accompanied in organizing your wedding!

See you soon!
Be bold!

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